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Janél COllé


Painter & Designer 

The fascinating world of art and creativity has opened my mind, heart, and soul to experiencing life in a new profound way. My passion for art has extended my ability over time and has taken me through a journey and led me to find fresh inspiration here in New Zealand. I discovered my artistic talent in South Africa while I was growing up and carried on studying fine arts at the University of Pretoria. After two years I decided to make a career change and completed a diploma in fashion design. This introduced me to using colours, textures, and fabrics in an advanced way which has shaped my existing style of painting today.


I have progressed and developed my virtuosity and style of art from African to global and now find myself with an open taste that suits my personality. In the past and still, occasionally I like painting from previous encounters in life and express my senses of taste, smell, sight, sound, and touch on the canvas.


I have recently moved to Mangawhai and this has deepened my connection to New Zealand’s nature and in spontaneous moments I experiment with painting the scenery in an abstract still life style.

“Hand in Hand with Nature. I feel, I touch, I see, I hear, I smell I PAINT!”
- Janel 

I am a member of the Mangawhai Art Gallery and will continue to showcase my work there throughout the year. I also receive great pleasure in creating unique commissioned pieces for individuals.

Hope you can open your mind and enjoy art with me!

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